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"Reel 1 (Diary)" is the first track and first single released from the EP Stomping The Phantom Brake Pedal by Angels & Airwaves. It was released October 28th, 2012. The music video for "Reel 1 (Diary)" was released on november 07, 2012.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Reel 1 (Diary)" (album version) – 7:42
  2. "Reel 1 (Diary)" (radio edit) – 3:38



Looking up to heaven

Taking in the ray of light

Stretching across the long coast

Falling back to past time

Asleep in the wallow

Crying and shivering

Hunting for your sorrow

Bending down to hold it

Shiver like you're gonna try

Scatters like it did this

Killing off your habit

Take me as your servant

Take me as your weapon

Take me as your courage

Take me as your servant

Take me as your servant

Take me as your servant

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