Dude Ranch

Dude ranch 1997

Skate Punk, Pop-punk, Punk Rock
December 1996 – January 1997
June 17, 1997
15 + Bonus

Dude Ranch is the second studio album by blink-182. It was released on June 17th, 1997. It was also the last blink-182 album with Scott Raynor playing drums.

It's the only album by blink-182 where the running time of each song is listed under the track list on the album's back cover.


Track ListingEdit

# Title Length Also in
1. "Pathetic" 2:27 Dude Ranch Promo
2. "Voyeur" 2:43 Apple Shampoo (Single), Buddha Promo, Dude Ranch Promo
3. "Dammit" 2:45 Dammit (Growing Up) (Single), Dude Ranch Promo
4. "Boring" 1:41
5. "Dick Lips" 2:57 Dick Lips (Single)
6. "Waggy" 3:16 They Came to Conquer... Uranus
7. "Enthused" 2:48 Buddha Promo (Strung Out), Wasting Time (Single)
8. "Untitled" 2:46
9. "Apple Shampoo" 2:52 Apple Shampoo, Dick Lips (Single)
10. "Emo" 2:50
11. "Josie" 3:20 Josie (Everything's Gonna Be Fine) Single, Dude Ranch Promo
12. "A New Hope" 3:45 Buddha Promo (Princess Leia)
13. "Degenerate" 2:28 Buddha
14. "Lemmings" 2:38 Lemmings / Going Nowhere, Wasting Time (Single)
15. "I'm Sorry" 4:27
* (16) "Dog Lapping" JAP Bonus Track


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